Google Play Store Update 21.0.17 Brings New Performance Enhancement

One of the most popular and essential apps that can be enjoyed by Android users is the Google Play Store, the flagship storefront app of the OS. Android users can find a variety of fun and interesting content within the Play Store, including fun games, handy apps, and interesting books.

Veteran Android fans will remember the times before the Play Store when a different storefront app was available. The Android Market was developed as a direct  response to Apple’s App Store, which contributed to the popularity of the iPhones during the early days.

Basic features

Android Market didn’t have the same attractive design as the Play Store, but it introduced many of the features that are now standard and played an important role in the rising popularity of Android on smartphones.

Many users enjoyed the ability to browse the app and uncover new content that could enhance their experience. Free and premium apps, games, and books were available, and the fact that a few taps were all that you needed to enjoy them was quite exciting.

Refreshed and upgraded

Over the years, Google decided that a fresh start was needed as the Android Market had became overcrowded, and the design was no longer attractive. The company decided that release a revamped storefront app in the form of the Google Play Store, which came with a wealth of new features, including the ability to pay for subscriptions within the app.

In select countries, users have the ability to buy or rent movies, TV series, and TV shows, but this feature is limited due to copyright laws.Another useful addition is the Play Protect feature, which ensures that all the content which is downloaded on your device is clean, and there are no risks.

The 21.0.17 update comes with new performance improvements that enhance the user experience.

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