Google Play Store 19.9.21 Update Rolled Out With Fixes And Improvements

Many Android users are familiar with the Google Play Store, which serves as the build-in storefront app for the Android OS. The app offers access to a rich selection of content, among which we can count impressive video games, handy apps, and books that can provide hours of entertainment.

About Google Play Store

Those who have used early Android versions will remember that Google included a different storefront app in the past. The Android Market was developed as a direct rival to the Apple App Store, which contributed to the popularity of the iPhones during the early days.

Android Market possessed many of the features which are also available via the Google Play Store. A strategically placed search bar offered the ability to find relevant content quickly as the app displayed the most relevant results.

The content was available for free or for a premium price, and many Android users loved the app during the early days as it was easy to use. However, as Google sought to add new features, the interface became a bit crowded.

Google decided that a change was needed and released an update that converted the Android Market into the Google Play Store, bringing a refreshed look and a plethora of new features that are quite convenient. The update to the Material Theme was favored by many as it optimized the look of the app and made it easier to use. Content is spread into three distinct categories, with Games, Apps, and Book is available.

The new Google Play Store update brings improvements

Users who live in select countries also have the option to buy or rent movies, TV series, and TV shows, but this feature is limited due to copyright laws.

The Google Play Store also comes with the Play Protect feature, which ensures that all the content which is downloaded on your device is clean, and there are no risks. The Google Play Store 19.9.21 update comes with new performance improvements.

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