Google Play Services 20.18.75 Comes With Performance Improvements

The Android OS relies on a variety of software components to deliver a great experience for users, and one of the most important ones is the Google Play Service API suite. You cannot see it in action directly, but it facilitates a large number of tasks.

Some users have wondered why the app is present in the App manager but there is no way to launch or delete it. The answer is a bit complex as the app is, in fact, a background service that links several API packages together to facilitate their use without conflicts. It was introduced in 2012 along with the popular Google Play Store.

Several purposes

Developers rely on the use of these APIs to include and make possible a large number of features. For example, Google Play Game Services deliver a fun multiplayer experience with multiplayer matches and leaderboards. In the case of many games for Android, you can also play them across a number of devices without losing your progress, thanks to the Saved Games API.

A large number of apps harness the Google Maps Android API to display relevant maps without the need to launch the main Google Maps app for this purpose, which is a great boon since you do not need to switch between apps and a lower amount of resources is used.

Essential functionalities

In many cases, developers will monetize their apps with the help of Google Mobile Ads, which takes into account a variety of data to deliver customized advertisements.

Those who root their device or use a custom ROM will also need to install Google Play Services since many apps will encounter issues or won’t work at all if the app isn’t present on the device.

The 20.18.75 update comes with new performance improvements that will enhance your experience while using apps on your device.It is advised to download any APK files from a reliable source.

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