Google Photos Update Brings New Bug Fixes

Many smartphone owners love to use their devices to shoot pictures or record videos of special moments and keep them as mementos of good times.  Since photos and videos can take a lot of space, some users worry about the need to delete older files, but there is no need to do that.

With Google Photos, you can keep photos and videos safe and organized automatically for your convenience. Find specific content quickly and share it with friends and family in a fun and simple way.

Free and awesome

Storage space is no longer an issue as Google Photos offers the option to backup photos with a maximum resolution of 16MP and 1080p videos in a quick and intuitive way. Your content can be accessed easily across all of your devices and on the official Google Photos website by using your Google account.

Once the backup is complete, users have the option to free used space by deleting photos from storage with a single tap. The app is also great at organizing images and videos into thematic albums that can be shared with friends. Invite other people to add their photos too!

Los of smart features

Make good photos great with the help of smart features. Creation tools will offer the option to enjoy panoramas, collages, movies and more, with all of them being created automatically by the app. An advanced editing tool will also grant access to a series of options, including the ability to apply smart filters, adjust contrast and lighting, and much more.

Share photos with your friends easily by sharing suggestions, which highlight images that show them. They can also share their photos. Found something interesting in one of your photos? Use Google Lens to learn more about it and quickly.

The update comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements.

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