Google Home Update Adds A Selection Of New Features

Google’s Home and Nest ranges of smart speakers have been quite popular among fans as they offer access to a rich set of convenient features, look great, sound good and are compatible with a large assortment of accessories.

The Google Home app has received a steady supply of updates that have added new features over the years, and Google has been working hard to refine and improve the experience, as it can be seen in the latest update for the app.

Nest Camera and Smart Lock Features

Nest users who use the Google app as the primary control method will enjoy the ability to view all Nest camera from the Camera Page, with live feeds being featured in the app in a fashion similar to what the Nest app offered in the past. Open the app and tap on the Camera section to enjoy the feature.

An upcoming update will also offer the option to unlock devices remotely with the Google Home app. While the features have been teased recently, it is likely that it will be enabled soon, as it is mentioned in the changelog for the iOS version of the app.

Expanded Power Menu support

Android 11 comes with an excellent Power Menu that is available within the Google Home app. With the latest update it is now easier to add new smart devices to the menu, and the functionality has been extended to all Nest and Chromecast devices, including built-in ones in the case of the latter.

Dark Theme

Dark Theme has become a hit in recent years, and the latest version of the app offers support for it if dark-theme is enabled at a system-wide level. An individual toggle may arrive with a future update.

The latest version of the app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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