Google Family Link for Children & Teens Update 1.35.0.Q.315574323 Adds Bonus Screen time Option

In recent years smartphones have become a necessary device as they can perform a large variety of tasks and can be used for many purposes, including educational ones. However, some children and teenagers may want to spend too much time on their devices.

Google Family Link for Children and Teens is a great complementary tool that can be paired with Google Family Link to set digital ground rules and ensure they are being followed simply and conveniently.

Keep an eye on digital activities

Use the app to view what children and teenagers on their devices. It is important to know if the screen time that is offered is used wisely, and with Google Family Link, you can help them to make useful decisions about the activity that is done on their Android device.

Personalized reports will show what they are doing on their devices and how much time is spent on specific apps. Weekly, Daily, and Monthly reports are also available to give more insight and learn if they tent to spend too much time in a specific app.

Advanced management

Some apps may not be great for their age for one reason or another, and it is simpler than ever to prevent their download with the smart management feature. Notifications will inform you when the child wants to download a new app on their device so you can approve or block the process easily.

There is also the option to manage in-app purchases, a feature that is very useful in the case of freemium apps that are quite good at encouraging users to spend real-world money. Family Link will also display a list of interesting apps that have been curated by users, which can be download remotely with a few taps.

The 1.35.0.Q.315574323 update adds the option to set bonus screen time and specific time limits for individual apps.

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