Google Delays The Android 11 Beta Launch Event

Google has announced that the release of the public beta of Android 11, as well as the Beta Launch Show, a live stream that should have highlighted the event along with other fresh information related to Android, have been postponed.

The announcement comes in the aftermath of violent protests that continue to take place in the U.S. after a restrained black man died as a police officer kept his knee on the man’s neck. According to the original schedule offered by Google, the release of the Android 11 beta and The Beta Launch Show should have taken place on June 3.

Replacing Google I/O

Google announced earlier this years that the classic Google I/O conference would not take place due to concerns related to COVID-19. While securing a venue for the event would have been possible, it is unlikely that Google could have maintained social distancing among participants, and the company didn’t want to contribute to the spread of the virus.

The Beta Launch Show should have featured keynote speeches held by the vice president of engineering and the senior director of product management. A live questions and answers session was also planned.

Anticipated features

The new version of the popular OS will come with a selection of fresh and improved features that will enhance the user experience. Google has worked on a built-in screen recorder app that would allow users to capture the images without the need to download a third-party app, which is a great boon for many mobile gamers who wish to highlight their skills.

Users will also have the option to mute notifications while recording videos, ensuring that the memories won’t be spoiled by random notification sounds that appear at the wrong moment.

Apps that haven’t been used for a while will lose the permission to access the camera, device location, and other data automatically. This option can be activated manually.

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