Google Could Be Working on A Google Pixel Watch

Samsung and Apple have released several smartwatches in recent years as the two titans struggle for dominance in the popular market segment.

According to a reliable source, a new contentder could join the battle soon, and it could launch a game-changing product. The U.S. patent Office granted Google rights to an in-watch system that relies on optical sensors to keep track of the motions a user makes with his arm, wrist, or fingers.

Advanced recognition technology

The system seems to be quite ambitious as it can determine on which wrist is it placed. Built-in motion sensors will monitor the arm and could be used to trigger certain actions with specific gestures. For example, a user may be able to launch a specific app by moving a pre-defined finger or activate the Google Assistant.

Within the documents which accompany the patent request, it is mentioned that an optical sensor could be placed the chassis of a future smartwatch. This sensor can be paired with a sophisticated algorithm that can detect the data which is collected and determine the gestures made by the user. There is no definite proof related to the existence of a Pixel Watch, but the patent is quite promising.

Rising competition

Select sources argue that the Cupertino giant is developing a new functionality related to hand gestures, but the main focus of the company is quite different. The next-generation Apple Watch will come with improved mental health tools, optimized sleep tracking, and superior autonomy.

While smartwatches that featured Google’s WearOS didn’t manage to make a long-lasting impression, many Google fans continue to hope that the company will release its own watch at some point in the future. A smartwatch made by Google could manage to implement an assortment of features into a stylish package, complementing the experience of using a Pixel or other Android-based smartphones.

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