Google Chrome 84 Fights Against Abusive Permission/Notification Requests

Google Chrome 80 is known for making notification prompts from websites less abusive. The “quieter” notifications were enabled automatically for users who regularly block notification requests and for websites that registered low opt-in rates. Google is taking one step further on fighting against sites which usually abuse notifications and permissions requests.

There are a few ways of how websites can abuse permission or notification requests. Usually, the notification requests are irritating, but they can also get deceptive. Some sites go as far as forcing users to enable notifications to access certain pages. Some sites use fake chat messages and warnings to get users to allow permissions.

However, Chrome 84 will take care of those aspects by automatically minimizing the abusive requests.

How It Works

Sites with abusive permission requests or notifications will be automatically added to Google’s quieter notification UI.

Additionally, notification prompts will warn users that the page they are trying to access could be tricky.

If a website requests turning on notifications to allow you to view content, the browser will display a message that reads: “This site may be trying to trick you into allowing intrusive notifications” when accessing the menu.”

That message will pop up for both Chrome mobile and desktop, as shown in a recent demo.

Site administrators or owners can use the Search Console to verify if they have received any Abusive Notifications Reports.

For users, the changes will only be applied for new notification requests. However, Google could add protection for permissions that have already been agreed that are labeled abusive.

We are thankful for Google’s initiative and hope that it will make browsing better. It’s annoying when you need to access content quickly, but you have to go through a set of unwanted steps to do so.

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