Garena Free Fire Gives Rewards for Pre-orders and the T.R.A.P Revolution Elite Pass

Garena Free Fire is a mobile Battle Royale game released in 2018 for iOS and Android by Garena Studios. The game has more than 450 million users and over one billion dollars from all over the globe.

The theme of the game consists of fifty players that are parachute from a plane into an island. The purpose is to find equipment and weapons and kill the other players. You can choose the place of starting, what weapons do you take, and if you want to extend the battle or not.

For the next season of this year, Free Fire is adding the Elite Pass T.R.A.P Revolution pass that will come soon. The developers are also including an offer for preordering the T.R.A.P Revolution Elite Pass in which you will receive rewards such as the grenade skin named Swagger Grenade. We also have the list of the awards for players that are unlocking the T.R.A.P Revolution Elite Pass, and you can see it by yourself on their YouTube channel.

Garena Free Fire — Rewards for Pre-orders and the T.R.A.P Revolution Elite Pass

You can pre-order the Elite Pass by using your Google account or with the diamonds from the game. Check your diamonds, because you will need 1099 diamonds, or if you want to pay with money from your Google Account, you will get rid of $11. Garena Studios also have a Free Fire OB20 advanced server, which is functioning in the live service, and if you want to register, you can do that until today, 2nd February. Also, other details you must know are- a new character added, called Steffie, the two modes, Bomb Squad and Gun King, and the new Kalahari map.

Finally, we will give you the complete list of the items you will receive with the T.R.A.P Revolution Elite Pass from Garena Free Fire:

  • Dope (Jacket) and Lyrical Night Parachute
  • Male and Female Breakdance Emote
  • Tune it Up (for level 3 Backpack) and Ghetto Blaster
  • Stage of Tempo and Stage of Ryme
  • The M79 and Groza Swagger Ownage Gun Skin
  • The Spitting Flows Bundle and In the Hood Bundle

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