Gamma-Ray Bursts Puzzle Might Have Been Solved, As Per New Research

Recent studies are trying to understand the phenomenon behind gamma-ray bursts better. This occurrence is renowned as the strongest explosions in the Universe, generating an enormous quantity of light when a star goes supernova. A team composed of international scientists have determined that the phenomenon might be influenced by the collapse of the star’s magnetic field.

The gamma-ray bursts are responsible for forming a neutron star or a black hole, by their energy release. The energy level is so significant that it exceeds the energy level that the Sun releases during its 10 billion lifespans. The bursts last for a maximum of several hours, leaving behind an “afterglow” that can be seen from the Earth.

One of the most commonly believed theories regarding the formation of the gamma-ray-bursts is stating that this phenomenon occurs when the materials situated around a dying star are violently colliding with each other.

The new study on gamma-ray bursts

Scientists have determined that the bursts are caused by the magnetic field of a star that collapses during the explosion, releasing an enormous amount of energy. The energy acts as an engine for the gamma-ray bursts, causing the explosions.

The second theory is supported by research conducted on the collapse of a massive star that is situated 4.5 billion light-years away from our planet. The leading researcher, professor Nuria Jordana-Mitjans from Bath University in the United Kingdom, has revealed the main points of the study. At first, they were expecting a polarization of 30% during the first two minutes.

However, in the first minute of the gamma-ray bursts, they managed to measure only 7.7%, as well as a sudden drop with 2% immediately after. From this analysis, the researchers were able to understand that the magnetic field of the star has quickly collapsed after releasing the energy and powering the light of the electromagnetic area.

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