Fotor Photo Editor Update Adds New Tools

Smartphones had come a long way since the early days when they arrived on the market. Many flagship and mid-range models come with an impressive camera array and take great photos. A robust photo editor like Fotor can be used to make those images even better.

Fotor is an excellent photo editing app for Android that comes with a few excellent features. Besides the ability to edit photos and enhance them according to your wishes, there is also the option to license them to Fotor and earn some money by showcasing your skills.

Hybrid approach

Share your images with others by participating in events, weekly photography contests that are organized by Fotor or its partners, including popular brands like Ctrip, Uber, and others. You don’t have to be a professional to participate in a contest as registration is free for everyone, regardless of their current skill level.

Licensing your photos is an easy process, and they will be available on PxBee, a massive photo marketplace that reunites the Fotor community. Offer your images or find fresh photos that are great for the needs of an ongoing project at a great price.

Great photo editing features

Many critics and reviewers have praised Fotor, mentioning that it offers an accessible and easy-use UI while also packing professional tools that can be encountered inexpensive photo editing software made for PCs.A vast assortment of filters and effects will offer lots of customization options as users can simulate and observe how the final result may look like without the need to alter the image directly.

Selectable Edit functions will offer access to an impressive array of tools, ranging from some that can perform small improvements to in-depth ones. There are also lots of templates from which the users can choose the best ones for a photo collage.

Seven new editing tools are introduced by the update.

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