PS2 Games That are Rare and Expensive – Why is That?

Sony’s PS2 remains one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, and it served as the first gaming device for many people.

A large number of games have been released for the console, including iconic hits like Kingdom Hearts, God of War and GTA: San Andreas. However, there are some titles that didn’t manage to make a splash when they were released but become cult classics after a few years.

Games in this category can be quite hard to find, and a pristine copy is usually expensive. Below you can find a selection of some rare games which are worth a small fortune.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Fans of the Dragon Ball series have enjoyed a large number of video games inspired by the popular franchise. The main appeal of Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is the massive roster, which sports 91 characters and 161 forms, a feat that is quite impressive for a title based on a licensed IP. A pristine copy can reach more than $150.

God Hand

God Hands is one of those titles that try to blend high difficulty with funny characters and an over-the-top plot. The combat system requires sometime before you know what to do and how to take advantage of it, but it opens the path to an exciting gameplay experience. Those who favor fighter games with unique combat systems pay up to $250 for it.


Kuon was considered a mediocre survival horror game by many critics, but the title is quite popular among collectors of PS2 games, who are willing to pay up to $600 for it. The story takes place in the Heian Era in Japan and spans three acts, each with a different protagonist.

Rule of Rose

Rule of Rose was affected by controversies related to some of the scenes which are featured in the game, and several countries decided to ban the title before it was released. While the game is good, the number of available copies was low, and it is often accompanied by a price tag of $700 or more.

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