FilmoraGo 4.0.4 Update Adds Useful Tutorials

One of the best features of modern smartphones is represented by powerful cameras that can be used to record important memories at a quality that rivals most entry-level cameras available on the market.

With FilmoraGO, users can shoot and create excellent videos as the app comes with a powerful suite of video editing tools that make it a favorite for millions of fans across all over the world. Shoot impressive short movies, create fun music videos or a few lovely clips and share them with friends easily.

Powerful and easy to use

FilmoraGo comes with a series of powerful video editing tools. For example, it is easy to use the powerful timeline zoom, trim, and split videos to obtain specific highlights, adjust the speed of the video, lower or mute the volume, arranges clips in a specific order, or rotate them as you wish.

The features mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg, as FilmoraGo also offers the options to add one or multiple audio tracks, sound clips, and sound effects. It is also easy to split audio clips or to copy and remove audio content.

Lots of features

Users can asl add texts or stickers to photos or videos for a little extra flavor. A rich assortment of filters and overlays is also available and ready to enhance your media content. Create impressive images that will gather lots of reactions on social media networks!

There is also the option to purchase a premium subscription, which unlocks everything the app has to offer, as it includes paid add-ons and ensures that watermarks and logorolls are removed automatically. Users can also opt to purchase specific content packs according to their needs and wishes.

The 4.0.4 update comes with a selection of tutorial videos that teach new users how to use the most popular features as well as new bug fixes and performance improvements.

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