FarmVille 2: Country Escape 15.9.5948 Brings New Event

There are a few mobile games that are known by most smartphone owners since they managed to become massive hits. Many offered a unique gameplay experience during their prime or were the first of their kind.

Farmville, developed by Zynga, is one of those titles as it offered smartphone owners the opportunity to create and manage their own farm as they nurtured crops, raised animals, and enjoyed a pleasant experience. The success of the game inspired Zynga to release a sequel in the form of FarmVille 2: Country Escape, which offers a refreshed and enhanced player experience.

A fun experience

Gather your friends and enjoy a fun farming experience as you complete tasks and roam the map to uncover rare goods and craft recipes. Enjoy a co-op farming experience as you work with your friends to create a massive farm or take care of your own little farm with the Anonymous mode.

Build the farm of your dreams and help it to grow as your plant and harvest a wide selection of delicious goods and vegetables. Use the results of your hard work to craft delicious bakery goods, including the popular apple pie.

Lots of things to do

Besides growing crops and baking goods you can also nurture farm animals and enjoy a bit of help from your loyal farm dog. Create an impressive farm on the coast and invite friends to visit the location and admire your efforts.

A deep story will offer countless adventures as you complete objectives and discover new characters. Roam the coast near your farm and collect impressive items and artifacts. Decorate an impressive coastal garden and explore new customization options that will allow you to build your farm according to your taste.

The 15.9.5948 update brings massive sales on some of the most popular items and the opportunity to gain great rewards.

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