Far Cry 5 Playable For Free This Weekend

The Far Cry video games series is one of the most popular series developed and published by Ubisoft, as the five main titles and 3 spin-offs have been enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world.

Far Cry 5, the latest entry in the franchise, has been quite popular among gamers as it retained many of the traits that made the series a hit while also bringing new elements.

Save Hope County

Hope County Montana looks like a dreamy mountain setting at first sight, but that image will fade away quickly. Eden’s Gate is a fanatical religion that could be led by Joseph Seed, a self-proclaimed prophet who anticipates the Collapse.

At the start of the game, you will go to arrest Joseph Seed, and while the job seems to go on without problems, a twist will happen. Three vast regions await you, each controlled by a member of the Seed family, and holding its dark secrets.

Ubisoft placed the accent on a sandbox experience, which means that you are free to go anywhere and do what you want without problems. The main story is quite good, and there are countless collectibles, challenges, and side jobs spread across the game world.

Free for the weekend

In recent months Ubisoft has been quite generous, offering several titles for free on Uplay and allowing players to try some of the titles in its portfolio for free during free weekend promotions. For the upcoming weekend, Ubisoft has decided to make Far Cry 5 free-to-play for a limited time, as the event will start on May 29 at 4:00 PM local time and end on May 21 at 09:00 PM local time.

Gamers who own a PC will have the option to enjoy the free weekend, and the option to pre-load the game is also available, allowing you to download the game in advance and jump straight into the adventure when the free weekend starts.

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