FairEmail 1.1321 Update Brings New Improvements

While social media networks are more popular than ever, many people continue to rely on emails to send and receive important messages, create and administer accounts, and much more. Choosing the best email client for your needs is a must.

FairEmail is an excellent email app that is compatible with most email services, including Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. The app is a great choice because the developers value your security and privacy, so you can rest assured knowing that your activities aren’t tracked to fuel marketing machines.

Focus on privacy

The app offers comprehensive security features as it is compatible with several encryption and decryption protocols, including OpenPGP. Messages are reformatted to prevent phishing attempts, and users will have to confirm that they wish to open images and links so they won’t be tracked or led to a fake pages. Messages which can’t be authenticated are marked with a warning.

Since data is stored on first-party servers, the chance of successful attacks is considerably lower. Messages are also converted instantly to remove and dangerous elements, including potentially misleading styles, scripts, or HTML code.

Streamlined and useful

One of the major disadvantages of many email apps is represented by the fact that developers try to cram as many features as possible in an attempt to attract users, without asking themselves if those features are needed or used by the vast majority of people, a trait that makes them more complicated than they should be.

With a simple and friendly user interface, easy navigation around different sections, and a convenient setup process that takes only a small amount of time, FairEmail is like a breath of fresh air, bringing an email experience that is fast, enjoyable, and easy to use even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

The 1.321 update comes with many new features. Users can now create a default template, use search operators, row separator lines, and switch between light and dark themes at will.

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