Facebook Tips: How to Block and Unblock Users

Facebook is one of the most praised social media platforms so far. People can connect with their friends, loved ones, and relatives, and share their experiences. There are lots of features and updates monthly released, but with this stuff, there is also some toxicity.

Sometimes an argument between two users can turn so wrong that they don’t want to talk anymore. To avoid such situations and people, you can always choose to block them. And when things get better, you can as well, to unblock them.

First, you should understand that when you block someone, they can’t find your profile anymore or see your posts. They can’t message you either so that you can stay safe from any negativity.

How to Block and Unblock Users on Facebook

Block Users on Android or iOS

Open the Facebook app on your device. Search for the user you want to block. Tap on the three dots icon, choose the block option and confirm. You can also block someone by accessing the Settings & Privacy option. You need to type the user’s name, find his/her profile, and block them.

Block Users Using a PC

Open your web browser and access Facebook. Search for the user’s profile you want to block and click on the three dots next to their cover photo. A small menu will appear, and you’ll notice the block option. Click on it and confirm your action.

Unblock Users From Facebook Using an iOS or Android Device

Open the Facebook app. Tap on the three dots button. Go to Settings & Privacy and choose the Blocking option. Tap Unblock next to their name.

Unblock Users From Facebook Using a PC

Open Facebook on your web browser. Go to the arrow in the top right area and choose Settings. Click on the Blocking option and Unblock the user.

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