Facebook Believes That AR and VR Will Complement Remote Working

Facebook has championed the potential features that could be offered by virtual and augmented reality for practical purposes. As the current pandemic has forced many people to work from home, the company is more confident than ever in the use of these technologies to enhance workflow.

The head employee of Faceooks AR and VR divisions has stated recently that the company explores new ways of enhancing remote work and productivity with the help of these technologies He shared a small teaser on Twitter, showing how a futuristic workstation may look like in the future:

A glimpse of the future

While the video is only eight seconds long, it manages to convey how a virtual workspace may look like, created with the help of prototype headsets.

The blend between the virtual and real-world can be achieved with the help of passthrough. In the case of Oculus VR headsets, the term is tied to a set of cameras mounted on the exterior of some headset models, allowing users to observe the space around them. Passthrough is used to create a safe area which is defined by the user with the aim to prevent accidents by stopping them from striking objects accidentally.

Mixed reality

Facebook is working on a fusion between AR and VR, which is also known as mixed reality. This implementation will allow the user to see a physical keyboard while typing and display what the user is typing on a virtual display at the same time.

This technology is far from being new as Microsoft already offers something similar in the form of the HoloLens, while similar applications are promised by the Magic Leap One Headset.

In other news, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has announced that the company will revamp its remote work policy, allowing some workers to request a permanent remote status and opening more jobs for remote workers in the long run.

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