Epic Games Now Offers partial Refunds if You Buy a game Before a Sale

Many have experienced this disappointment.  After pondering the pros and cons, you decided to purchase a new video game. The price is paid, the game is installed, and you are ready to hit the launcher and begin your journey. Lo and behold, the game is now on sale, and had you waited a few more days or hours, you could have bought me at a better price.

Epic Games thought about this issue and decided to tackle the problem in a surprisingly pro-consumer manner.

Partial-refunds for the people

The new feature was implemented stealthily by Epic, and it may play an important role in the future as gamers will no longer worry about the possibility of losing great deals.

A user of the Epic Games Store was the first to observe the feature. The game that he bought recently is now a part of the current sale event, and he received an email from the Epic Games Store, which mentioned this fact and the opportunity to receive a partial refund.

Several details remain veiled

The feature appears to be excellent in theory, but there are several questions that need to be answered, as Epic Games didn’t share any official information for now. For example, it is not known if the refund will be on par with the difference between the price of the game when it was purchased and the price of the game after it went on sale.

Many users have been impressed by the announcement, and it is a great step forward for the the platform, which has enjoyed a fair share of praise and flack since it was released.

In other news, GTA V can be redeemd for free by visiting the Epic Games Store until May 21, so if you didn’t get the game by now, it’s a great deal, especially since it’s the Premium Online Edition which comes with a few perks for GTA Online.

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