Dropbox 204.2.4 Update Adds New Security Features

Smartphones are great for a large variety of tasks as they can store many important files, ranging from lovely family photos to valuable documents and funny video clips, to name just a few examples. At some point, users may  fill their devices, and there is no more free space

Dropbox is an excellent cloud storage app that is known across the world as a popular choice for millions of people. With the app, users can upload important files and access them across a variety of devices with ease.

Excellent cloud storage

Dropbox comes with a wealth of useful features that make it really convenient. All the photos or videos taken on your devices are uploaded automatically into the cloud, so they can be accessed on your favorite devices without the need to transfer them manually.

Select files can be accessed even when you aren’t online, and more than 175 different files formats can be previewed within the app without the need to to use a different one for the task, which is a great advantage since the is no need to fill your device with different apps.

Lots of additional features

It is easy to share large files with other users regardless of their size, as all that you need to do is to upload them with the help of the app and share the link with friends, family, or coworkers, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

A dedicated scanner app offers the ability to scan receipts, photos, and other important files, and generate high-quality PDF files that can be stored for safekeeping in a convenient way. There is also the option to select and synchronize folders from yourPC or Mac or access deleted files with a dedicated file recovery feature.

The 204.2.4 update comes with a new password feature so you can store and sync passwords across several devices, as well as a vault function that keeps sensitive files safe.

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