Distant Exoplanet Might House Life

Kepler-1649c is one of the most recent discoveries that has caught scientists’ attention. It was found by an international team of astronomers who claim that the exoplanet is similar to the Earth in terms of size, temperatures, and position in its solar system, being even able to support liquid water.

The associate administrator, Thomas Zurbuchen, from the Science Mission Directorate, declared that this innovation is a source of hope that a second planet capable of hosting life is there to be analyzed. The position of Kepler-1649c is in the habitable zone. The planet orbits around a small red dwarf star, receiving the proper amount of solar radiation to host liquid water.

In terms of light received, Kepler-1649c gets 75% of the quantity on the Earth. It is situated far away from our galaxy but shows promising features to support life. Located at 300.000 light-years from our planet, its Earth-like size and the temperatures it presents were the significant discoveries made with the help of the Kepler space telescope.

This exoplanet might house life

However, there are many more uncertainties until researchers can honestly acknowledge Kepler’s hospitable environment. For example, the scientists are still trying to determine the characteristics of the planet’s atmosphere, which is closely linked to the temperatures at the surface.

The Keppler-1649c case was analyzed back in 2013 when an error in the system has resulted in the failure of the project. Its actual properties have recently been examined by the researchers, utilizing the old data registered by the Kepler telescope. A full revolution of Kepler-1649c takes 19.5 days, orbiting a red dwarf.

Scientists have concluded that the more data they receive, the closest they are to bringing evidence of the possibility that the Kepler-1649c exoplanet houses life. Since the universe is full of red dwarfs, the scientists are expecting many more such discoveries to be made.

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