Disney+ Guide – Details, Compatibility, And Prices

At the end of last month, the rising platform Disney+ was released in Germany. The streaming service is offering its users classic cartoons that will never die, as well as brand-new content created especially for Disney Plus. The content can be displayed either using a web browser or your Smart TV. In addition to this, the service is available using a wide range of streaming devices.

About the Disney+ compatibility

The officials have posted a list that contains the devices which are compatible with streaming Disney Plus. Internet browsers include Chrome 75+, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 68+, and Safari 11+. As far as the small gadgets are concerned, the streaming platform is available on both Androids and iOS phones.

Any device that has an operating system better than Android 5.0 or iOS 11 can make use of the Disney Plus service. The TVs that are compatible with this service are represented by Samsung TVs with Tizen (this means that Orsay OS is incompatible), LG Smart TV with WebOS higher than 3.0 (all the TVs that were launched on the market beginning with 2016, expectation makes the NetCast OS) and the Smart TVs with Android.

More devices and the price of the platform

Disney Plus is also available on Set-top boxes such as Apple TV (later than the 4th generation), Chromecast, Chromebook, Microsoft Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Amazon Fire TV. Therefore, if you do have one of these compatible devices, it is probably time for you and your family to upgrade the game and make a purchase that will change the family activities.

Disney+ was released back in November 2019 in a limited number of regions and ever since then. It was thought to be the number one rival of Netflix. Disney+ features series developed by Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, or 20th Century Fox and fans can enjoy either old series or upcoming new breathtaking cartoons. The price of this service is 6.99 USD.

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