Discord Update 29.2 Beta Expands the Voice Overlay Feature

Communication is an essential part of our existence, and the rise of smartphones has facilitated new ways to stay in touch with friends and family, with many of them being more dynamic and fun in comparison to phone calls or text messages.

Discord began as a popular communication tool from gamers across all over the world, offering the option to invite friends on a custom server and enjoy a variety of features. Inviting someone on the server is as easy as sending them a link to the server. Once they click on the link, they join automatically.

Your server, your rules

Create a server with countless voice and text channeles for all your needs and customize them in a seamless manner. For example, you may notify people who join a channel that NSFW content will be,  to avoid any potential issues.

Voice channles can be joined by an unlimited number of people by default, but there is the option to create voice channels with a limited number of slots, so you can have peaceful discussions or heated debates without intrusions. It is also possible to lock channels with passwords for extra privacy.

Video sharing

Hold video conferences with a few taps. Custom-made streaming algorithms will ensure that you enjoy a crystal clear video and audio quality, so the experience is smooth at all tines. Share videos, images, and other files on text channels to enjoy funny stuff together.

Discord is great for all communities. Users can create a server for a small group of friends or a dedicated community server for a fandom where they can discuss their favorite characters, trade ideas, uncover new information, and so much more. The app is easy to use and can be enjoyed by users of all ages easily.

The 29.2 Beta update extends the voice overlay functionality to all compatible devices.

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