Discord 40.8 Beta Update Brings Voice Overlay To More Android Devices

Communication tools have been a staple since the early days of the internet, allowing users to interact in a fun and interesting ways. There are many communication apps for modern Android devices, but few are as good as Discord.

Video games fans might recognize Discord as the standard communication tool used by many video game communities across the world. While it was developed with gaming in mind during the early days, the developers behind the app and service have decided to convert it into something that can be used by everyone.

Excellent for communication

Download Discord and prepare to chat! Create your own servers and invite friends, family, or coworkers or join servers created by other users with a few taps. Interact with text messages, perform one-on-one or group voice and video calls, and make new friends fast.

The list of servers in which you are a member is easy to use, and you can move them across the list or create groups for servers with the same general themes.  Notifications will be displayed when new messages are added, and they can be muted easily on a channel or server basis.

Lots of features

Share your adventures and misadventures with other people as you tell stories via text messages or add photos to showcase your impressive skills at cooking, washing dishes, cleaning your house and more. Upload a variety of files in a fast and intuitive way.

Thanks to a robust networking protocol, Discord is incredibly stable. Start a voice or video call and enjoy crystal clear quality as you discuss the latest news, strategies, or plan a fun weekend adventure. Personalize your profile with custom images and add a text status for extra style.

With the 4.80 beta update, the voice overlay feature is now available across an expanded number of Android devices, while new bug fixes and keyboard improvements were also implemented.

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