Diet Trends that Have No Scientific Background

Every time that you see an advertisement promoting a miracle diet that would help you lose all the unnecessary kilograms in a short time, you should take all the details with a pinch of salt. Here you can find some of the most used wonder diets that have no scientific background in reality.

Reverse dieting

This lifestyle implies that the subject tries to raise its daily intake of energy by gradually increasing it. This diet is mostly promoted by bodybuilders and athletes that would like to return to their usual eating patterns without causing too much weight gain.

In theory, the diet shows that a small quantity of energy would help you restore the normal circulating hormone levels, which would result in changing the body’s energy expenditure, causing the pre-diet levels. After studying this method, the scientists have discovered that it has no scientific recommendation.

IIFYM diet

The It Fits Your Macros diet implies that the subject calculates the daily intake of macronutrients instead of the kilojoules. First, all you need to do is to fill in a set of questions and provide the website with your e-mail address, after that you will receive a personalized offer that has the “money back” policy.

Then, all your daily intake is monitored using a specially designed online calculator. This diet is not supported by any thorough research which underlines the implications of macronutrients in weight loss.

The HCG diet

Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone produced during pregnancy, which is also used for fertility treatments. In addition to this, athletes often use this method since it increases the testosterone production, being amongst the World-Anti-Doping list.

As far as weight loss is concerned, it is promoted as an efficient replacement that could reduce the sensation of hunger. However, ever since its discovery in 1954, no study has shown the potential of this diet.

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