Destiny 2 Companion App Update 13.9.4 Brings More Useful Features

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular video games that are currently available, allowing players to take on the mantle of a Guardian and begin their journey through space as they participate in exciting story missions, fun side quests, and intense PVP modes.

The Destiny 2 Companion app will help to remain connected to the universe even when you are on the go by enjoying access to a large repository of handy features that can help you to manage your game sessions and decide what you want to do in advance, among other things.

Manage and prepare

Access the Director section to learn more about the latest content that has been added to the game. Check your progress and see what you need to do to beat bounties, challenges, or quests. Learn more about live events and inspect a variety of statistics, including unlocked season pass rewards.

In the Guardian tab, you can find everything you need to know about current characters, including equipped weapons and armors, and data about stats and perks. Transfer items between characters in a seamless manner and collect what you missed on the filed from the Postmaster without the need to visit the Tower.

Social features

Want to enjoy the game with like-minded players? Create and customize a clan according to your wishes or join one of the existing ones. Keep an eye on your clan level and collect valuable rewards. Chat with clanmates via text.

Some content in Destiny requires a party, and you can find willing teams easily with the help of the Fireteams function. Use filters to find the perfect Fireteam for your current objective or create a new with a few taps and be ready to face heroic challenges.

The 13.9.4 update comes with new improvements. Players can now find Fireteams for the Contact event and Prophecy dungeon. Owned currencies are now displayed in the Guardian section. The Power limit is now visible when weapons and armors are viewed.

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