Deleted Leak Offers More Details About PS5 Backwards Compatibility

With a new generation on consoles on the horizon, many gamers are looking forward to the new games that will be available on these devices. However, some love to replay older games or to try them for the first time, as they may not have had the possibility to do so when they were released.

Sony has received a lot of complaints about its policy related to backward compatibility in recent years. Tittles released for the previous generation used to be backward compatible, as you could play PS1 games on the PS2, and PS1 and PS2 games on select PS3 models.

Dropping the support

While the feature was favored by many Sony dropped support for backward compatibility with the release of the revised PS3 models, opting instead to released HD ports of its popular games via the PlayStation Store.

The move attracted an impressive amount of criticism as players felt that they were forced to buy a game they already owned twice, with the only benefit appearing to be the updated graphics. However, the HD ports sold well, and Sony decided to stick with the same approach when the PS4 was released.

Change of plans

One of the biggest drawbacks of the PS3 was caused by Sony, who decided to opt for a processor with a proprietary architecture that was designed by Sony in collaboration with Toshiba and IBM. While the processor was capable of some impressive feats for its time, it can be quite daunting to port games designed for it to the PS4, which is powered by an x86 custom CPU provided by AMD.

As Sony has opted to include AMD-manufactured parts in the PS5, the system will have the ability to play a selection of PS4 games after a system update is released. This trait was mentioned on the PS5 listing on the PlayStation Iceland website, and it is no longer available.

Over 4,000 titles should be backward-compatible with the PS5, and a curated selection of 100 titles will be available at launch.

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