DayZ Creator Reveals New Sci-Fi Co-Op Survival Game

Years after the initial release, the DayZ ARMA mod, and its standalone version remain popular among fans of the survival genre, thanks to the interesting mechanics and compelling world. Dean Hall, the creator of the original DayZ mod, showcased a new game on which he is working.

Hall and video games development studio Rocketwerkz have been hard at work on Icarus. This upcoming free-to-play survival co-op game seems to encapsulate many of the elements which made DayZ a hit in the past. A major difference is a focus on sessions instead of a massive world.

Great sci-fi vibes

A teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement offered a quick look at the game. Within the trailer, a team of astronauts is shown as it lands on the surface of an alien planet to mine some valuable resources. The tools used for the gathering process are surprisingly old-fashioned, including a stone ax and for cutting trees and bow and arrows for hunting, but better ones can be obtained.

A session starts with the players aboard a space station that orbits a planet. Players can invite other players to their team and station and prepare as a group for a planetary drop.

Session-based ventures

Before the drop takes place, players will have to select a contract that could be available for less than an hour or up to two days, measured in real-time. This means that several sessions might be needed to complete a bigger contract. Keeping an eye on time is important too. Waste to much time on the surface and may miss the time when the drop ship returns, leaving your character stranded on the planet and forcing you to start from scratch.

Collected materials will be taken into orbit and can be used for a variety of purposes, including upgrades for the space station or vehicles, unlocking advanced technology improvements, and crafting high-power weapons.

Icarus will be available in 2021.

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