DARPA Works On A Bioelectronic Adapter To Solve Jet Lag And Diarrhea Issues For The US Soldiers

DARPA is currently trying to develop a bioelectronic adapter that will allow warfighters to control their body. The name of this product is Advanced Acclimation and Protection Tool for Environmental Readiness (ADAPTER). The program’s goal is to create implantable bioelectronics tiny devices that will allow soldiers to manage their jet lag or diarrhea.

Jet lag and diarrhea are mostly caused by extensive traveling. Jet lag and disruptions in the sleep-cycle cause a decrease in the athletic performance, tiredness, insomnia, quickly getting irritated, or even excessive sleepiness. In the meantime, travel diarrhea’s symptoms can be either unpleasant or alarming.

Even though for modern people, this problem is not as alarming as it may seem, for soldiers, it can cause severe disadvantages. Regularly, soldiers are sent from one place to another, creating an immense total travel time.

DARPA To Solve Jet Lag And Diarrhea For The US Soldiers

Diarrhea sometimes appears because the soldiers need to adapt their alimentation to the local food because they are not receiving any standard military rations. In the end, the soldiers might need medical assistance for intestinal problems caused by the improper alimentation such as contaminated food or water.

The ADAPTER is mainly focusing on creating the possibility for soldiers to hack their physiology. That enables the opportunity to adapt more naturally to the new time zones and to return to their usual sleep cycle. In addition to this, the system decontaminates ingested food and water, preventing the future medical complications that the soldier might face.

The DARPA program manager of the bioelectronic adapter system, Paul Sheehan, stated that this device aims to produce the cure against a specific disease using the body itself. The device will be able to control the circadian rhythm that influences the adaptability to different time zones. Furthermore, the method will eliminate the top five most present bacteria in the traveler’s diarrhea.

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