DARPA Can Spy the US Enemies From The Earth’s Atmosphere

DARPA, the research agency of the Pentagon, declared that their new program, Atmosphere as a Sensor (AtmoSense), detects natural phenomena like earthquakes, hurricanes, and meteor strikes. The military nature of the organization brings the question of what the findings will be used for, as per some news reports.

The theory behind AtmoSense is that natural events occur that aren’t detected because there is no continuous global surveillance system to spot them. Nonetheless, the energy of an earthquake leaves telltale signs in the Earth’s atmosphere.

About AtmoSense

AtmoSense holds the belief that natural phenomena occur, but are not detected because of a lack of global monitoring. These phenomena leave a mark in the atmosphere. According to DARPA, energy moves from the surface of the Earth to the ionosphere, but the details aren’t clear enough to use the theory to implement an atmosphere sensor.

The point is to measure the marks left by natural disasters when the energy they propagate traverses the troposphere, the stratosphere and the mesosphere on its way to the ionosphere. With this information, scientists can deduct the category of events that caused the shockwave.

DARPA measures indicators such as the volume, temperature, density, and pressure of the atmosphere. The mesosphere and lower ionosphere additionally provide electromagnetic indicators.

DARPA can spy enemies from the Earth’s atmosphere

DARPA is attempting to sort out the data not coming from natural disasters, but also other sources, such as shear forces, Coriolis forces, jet streams, and compressions of fluids. The atmospheric disturbance is present all across the frequency spectrum, from ultrasound down to infrasound. DARPA is looking to capture information about the frequencies that are more resistant to atmospheric disturbances.

Due to DARPA’S nature as a military organization, one could assume that the AtmoSense project could be applied in the military field as well. Other phenomena besides natural disasters that leave fingerprints in the atmosphere could be bomb explosions, the firing of artillery, and nuclear weapons.

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