Darkness Rises 1.47.0 Update Brings Halloween-Themed Content

There are many games for smartphones, but few manage to deliver an in-depth Action-RPG experience that is on par with the ones that can be experimented on PCs and consoles.

Darkness Rises is an exciting A-RPG title that manages to meet the hardcore A-RPG fans as it offers an impressive gameplay experience as well as beautiful graphics and boss battles that will keep you on the edge. A rich story focused on dark fantasy will take players on an immersive journey as they attempt to vanquish an ancient evil.

Create your hero

Every heroic tale requires legendary heroes, and in Darkness Rises, you will find a full cast of adventurers who are ready to fight. Create the ultimate hero and choose from a large selection of iconic fantasy classes, ranging from the hard-to-kill Barbarians to Wizards, who can dish impressive damage with powerful spells or the deadly assassin who kills targets silently.

In-depth customization features will offer the ability to create the hero of your dreams and customize your character according to your needs. Harness their signature skills to turn the tides during a battle and hunt down any monsters who dare to appear on your path.

Exciting gameplay

Face countless monster hordes in the single-player RPG  mode and prove your skill by mastering the exciting hack and slash mechanics. There are countless dungeon levels that await curious adventurers. Some might be easy to beat, but others come with unexpected surprises.

Use the awesome Soul Link ability will offer the opportunity to take over monsters and turn them against their friends. Face even greater challenges by joining a Guild and entering Dungeon Raids, which offer impressive boss battles and awesome rewards for those who manage to complete the challenge.

The 1.47.0 update comes with a dedicated Halloween event as well as Halloween costumes and new rewards.

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