Could NASA Use Dragon Capsules To Take Astronauts To The Moon?

At the start of August, a major milestone was achieved as the Dragon Capsule used to take NASA astronauts to the ISS one month before splashing into the surface of the ocean without issues.

The event is quite important since it offers the ability to schedule flights to and from the International Space Station without the need to purchase seats on flights operated by Roscosmos and to negotiate convenient launch schedules that would work for both agencies.

Sight on the Moon

Since Vice President Mike Pence announced the plan to return to the Moon, James Bridenstine, who is the current NASA Administrator, has been working hard to coordinate NASA and its contractors with the aim to complete the lofty goal. After the splashdown took place, Bridenstine highlighted the main points of the Artemis initiate during a press conference.

The success of the Dragon capsule test run has encouraged some voices that lightweight and affordable spacecraft would be a better choice for the return to the Moon instead of the expensive alternatives, which have been favored by the Congress as the superior choice for the return to the Moon.

The Dragon Possibility

A pair of scientists published an interesting take on the use of SpaceX spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon. According to them the Crew Dragon weights less than half the size of Orion spacecraft while a Falcon Heavy rocket can carry the Crew Dragon and a return stage into the lunar orbit.

While this may seem possible, there would be several technical and political challenges that have to be passed, and some members of Congress have underlined the fact that the astronauts have to be taken to the Moon by a spacecraft and launch system, which have been developed and created by NASA.

Only time will tell what will happen.

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