Coronavirus Pandemic in the US Makes More Victims

When it comes to numbers, the US is officially the most affected country in the world by the coronavirus pandemic. About 764,000 confirmed cases and 41,000 deaths were reported by April 20.

But America’s population is 328,2 million, while Italy has a population of 60,36 million, to make a comparison. About 24,000 Italians died because of coronavirus infection. If we are talking percentages, Italy had it worse than the US.

But what if the US were to reach the same 0,03% of the coronavirus-connected dead population as Italy? That would mean almost 100.000 deaths. Does that mean nothing to president Trump when he worries so much about the economical decline? Is it America another Trump Tower for Donald Trump and the Americans just the workers paid to build it for him?

The Coronavirus Outbreak in the US and Donald Trump

In 6 days, the number of infected people increased from 20.000 to 30.000. Then, it took for the virus another four days to get to 40.000 Americans. And the number keeps increasing. There are three characters in this pandemic that don’t care about human wellbeing: the COVID-19 virus, the economics, and Donald Trump. They all act as they feel like.

According to a report, the President has had it with so much testing and he considers it is time to reopen the economy. He wanted that this would happen on April 12. But the pandemic lacks respect for the American President’s wishes. And over 22 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits in the past month are just too much.

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump didn’t feel like accepting a threat coming from a Chinese virus. And this might have a lot to do with the leading position the US currently occupies in the coronavirus-top-three-most-affected-countries. But you can accuse our President of a lot of things but not of being guilty of something.

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