Coronavirus Outbreak in the US: Rich Americans Hide In Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand

The COVID-19 outbreak has hit the United States of America at an unprecedented degree. The lenient measures taken by President Donald Trump against the spreading of the virus have caused an impressively high spread of the virus in the community. However, it seems that the wealthiest Americans have managed to escape the deadly disease. They are currently living in doomsday bunkers specially built in New Zeeland.

Rising S Co is a Texas-based company that produces underground bunkers located in New Zeeland, as per Express. The officials have reported high demand in their products for the past months. One of the company’s customers, as reported by the general manager, Gary Lynch, purchased a bunker and has been located in the New Zeeland ever since then.

New Zealand kept coronavirus at bay

Lynch questioned the resistance of the doors and the necessity to refill the air filters. The executive director has run from the deadly virus to New Zeeland, and ever since then, he is still there. New Zeeland is highly appreciated by wealthy figures for its natural scenery and improved medical system.

New Zeeland has seen only 1400 confirmed patients with coronavirus, out of which only 16 have died. The theory that New Zeeland is one of the safest places to be during hard times has existed even before the apparition of COVID-19.

The government from New Zeeland has done an impressive job to stop the spreading of the deadly virus in the community, ever since the confirmation of only 200 cases. Therefore, the strict regulations have started at the beginning of March, and the lockdown period is scheduled to continue until the 27th of April.

After that, the situation will be revised again, and extra measures will be taken. New Zeeland’s actions are highly appreciated on a global scale since the country has everything to fight for the radicalization of the new coronavirus.

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