Coronavirus Evolutionary Path – The New Virus Has Its Strategy

We know a lot. We’ve got so far as to imagine the Big Bang. But we still don’t know what happened before it. We understand how life evolved, but we don’t know how RNA became DNA. Was the first form of life a bacterium? We presume so. But if it was so, and such a sophisticated structure of life, such as we are, has evolved from that simple bacterium, how can we consider a virus to be dumb?
It would be wrong of us considering the coronavirus a thing.

A dumb inferior form of life that can’t mess with the top food chain that we are. Underestimating has always been a flaw in our way of thinking. Our ego doesn’t let us waste our resources and our dreams on something we consider to be inferior.

Ego is what differentiates us from the rest of the food chain. And ego is what will take us down to the perdition road. The coronavirus is using this inherent human vice to achieve its goal. It doesn’t have the ego to feel hurt for being considered a dumb inferior form of life. But it has the intelligence to use it against us.

The evolutionary disease perspective didn’t evolve too much. It is limited to the resistance the pathogens develop to antibiotics. But there is a bigger picture here. A pathogen’s only drive is its nature. Since pathogen’s nature is life, its single drive is life—the survival and perpetuating of its species, as put by David P. Barash on Psychology Today.

Coronavirus’ only drive is the survival and perpetuating of itself. And it is a master at doing it. We might live to God the explanation for all the oddities of the virus. We might think there is a higher meaning to everything that is going on. But the truth might be that the virus has simply evolved into learning how to use us better.

The coronavirus evolutionary path is under the focus

To survive, a virus needs to find a host, multiply inside its cells. Since the host has the immune capacity to fight the virus and kill it, the virus has to migrate into as many other hosts as possible. The goal is to survive as a species.

But human hosts have a special artificial weapon: antibiotics and vaccines that can kill and protect against the virus and disable its survival. So, the viruses have developed their own adaptive weapon: the resistance to antibiotics. But the resistance to antibiotics isn’t enough to get away from extinction anymore. Humans will come up with another antibiotic. And eventually, they will use the virus to create a vaccine that will immunize the hosts.

Coronavirus evolved into the understanding that a virus that only makes the hosts show symptoms would eventually be exterminated. The only reason it has become a pandemic is the asymptomatic form the virus developed into.

The only way the lockdown barely helps is because people’s egos don’t let them surrender in front of the virus. They refuse to be the victims of this dumb thing. And since there isn’t much, we can do to heal ourselves from being infected with ego, and we should focus on what we can do.

Not causing any symptoms in hosts represents a coronavirus evolutionary breakthrough. If we don’t see it as it is, the ego that stands in the way of this acceptance will make us lose this war. The only intelligent way to respond to this smart move of the virus is to test every single person that bears the smallest suspicion. This is where the resources should go to. We don’t have the antibiotic, and we don’t have the vaccine. But we have the test.

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