Coronavirus Affects Animals – Two Tigers And Three Lions Tested Positive In New York

Recently, the New York’s Bronx Zoo had a historic day. One of its animals, a tiger, was tested positive for the new coronavirus. The officials of the animal park believe that the tiger has contacted the virus while getting in contact with one of their employees. Probably, at that time, the employee did not know that he was spreading the virus, ScienceAlert reported.

Nadia is a four years old tiger, that was living in the Bronx Zoon alongside her sister Azul. The two Amur tigers have developed the virus, and they spread it to their neighbors, the three African lions.

The five animals have developed severe dry coughs, and this is how the crew members were skeptical regarding their health. However, the Wildlife Conservation Society is expecting that all the animals will fully recover from the virus in the upcoming weeks.

Coronavirus affects animals already, and the Bronx Zoo was the first to report it

The AFP officials have declared that this situation will only bring more clarity to the development of the virus. This will lead to future theories and will help the researchers to better understand the workings of COVID-19, in the hope of a forthcoming vaccine against the deadly virus.

AFP stated that the cats are under 24 veterinary care, and the only disturbing thing is their lack of appetite. Nonetheless, the five animals seem to be recovery, all being interactive with the medical personal. It is yet unknown how the disease is going to develop for big cats since different species might bring different reactions during the fight between their immune system and the virus.

The scientists are now analyzing to state how the virus can be transmitted from animals to humans. Up until now, there has not been any evidence supporting that in the US any person has been infected with the deadly virus by an animal.

In the meantime, the Chinese authorities are suggesting that the deadly coronavirus was transmitted to humans due to the consumption of wild animals sold in the Wuhan market.

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