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Our Team:

James Coyle

James Coyle attended a technical school while still in high school where he learned a variety of skills, from photography to coding. Apart from being a contributor to the site, James also helps keep The Trending Times up and running, he also keeps our social media feeds up-to-date.

Patricia Smead

Patricia Smead is The Trending Times's senior contributor covering federal politics. She has previously wrote for NPR and is a regular contributor to Medium. Patricia graduated from Georgetown University's journalism school with distinction in 2014.

Doretha Kilgore

Doretha Kilgore is an associate editor for The Trending Times, focused on viral/trending stories. Before joining The Trending Times, she contributed to Vice, onlyWomen many others. She has a master of journalism from NYU. She is based in NYC, and can be reached via her email or our contact form.

Candace N. Bailey

Candace Bailey is a reporter at The Trending Times, focusing on listicles, the games, technology, and everything in between. She is based in NYC, and previously was a reporter at the Daily's city hall bureau.

Willie B. Hahn

Willie Hahn, senior editor at The Trending Times, writes about the intersection between money and politics with a focus on lobbying and tech articles. Willie previously at the Android Authority and Vice. Willie can be reached by email.

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