Conspiracy Theory — Brian Cox Was Nervous Talking About The Moon Landing In A BBC Footage

A supposedly significant achievement was recorded on July 20th, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon for the first time. The event marked the end of the Space Race as the US flag was placed on the surface. However, a conspiracy theory says otherwise, and Brian Cox might have proved it right in an old BBC footage about the Moon landing.

Skeptics and conspiracy theorists have tried to discredit the milestone, arguing that it was nothing more than a sophisticated hoax made with valuable input from movie producers. Some scientists had reacted quite passionately when such ideas were introduced, and it appears that Brian Cox, a renowned physicist, is one of them.

Old footage left from the What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity series made by BBC has been uncovered recently, and some of it captures a vitriolic reaction offered by Cox. At first, the scientist appears to be shocked by the question before reacting colorfully.

Brian Cox Discredited The Conspiracy Theory on the Moon Landing, But He Was Nervous While Doing It

Brian Cox stated that the event had happened and to claim that it didn’t is simply wrong. He compares the denial with the act of stating that America hasn’t been discovered when everyone knows where it is.

The fact that someone asked such a question during what appears to be a factual documentary is quite unnerving for Brian Cox. He also mentions that there is no need for NASA to release more evidence since the mere idea to contest the event is wrong right from the start. Cox is also visibly disappointed that such questions are asked in a scientific documentary about gravity.

Neil deGrasse Tyson faced the same question in 2019, and he also stated that the mere idea of thinking that the landing was faked is ludicrous. The mere existence of the rocket and the spacecraft used for the Apollo 11 mission proves that it was viable. There are also documents which show how many people worked on the project and to go so far for a fake video wouldn’t have been worthwhile.

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