Cold Plasma Device Can Kill Germs In Seconds, And It’s Portable

Researchers have recently announced the discovery of a cold plasma jet wand that would be a trustful resource when it comes to killing germs. The device functions through an ion-emitting base, whose plasma can destroy any viruses or bacteria from an area in a matter of a few seconds.

The plasma is produced with the help of running gas through an electric field, is responsible for tearing the molecules apart. The team of researchers from the University of Michigan that conducted this study are stating that the device is capable of creating a “soup” of molecule fragments with charged atoms.

The bacteria are destroyed after the oxygen-based ions located in the plasma eliminate carbon from their cell walls and protein casings. This discovery could prove to be a remarkable asset for the medical healthcare facilities.

Scientists invented a cold plasma device that kills germs in seconds

While it is safe enough for an individual to take care of his belongings by cleaning them with an antibacterial wipe, in hospitals, it is of the utmost importance to have such a machine that could disinfect the floors and the chair cushions in just a matter of seconds.

The National Science Foundation has already considered the study. Therefore, the leading researchers are now aiming to create a portable prototype for their discovery that would come in handy for any citizen when cleaning certain surfaces in their homes. In addition to this, the scientist has announced that they are considering adding a set of chemicals to the gas they already use since this might prove resourceful when tracking a specific type of bacteria or viruses.

Unfortunately, the cold plasma device will not be available on the market for at least one year until its development is fully complete. The primary goal of this research is to provide a trustful source that could help to combat the deadly coronavirus, as well as any upcoming epidemic the humanity may encounter.

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