Chrome Users Will Enjoy New Features Soon

Chrome has grown at an accelerated pace since it was released, and with 2 billion users across the world, it remains the most popular internet browser in the world. The browser comes with a wealth of interesting features add Google is keen on making it even better.

While Chrome has managed to eclipse its competition in mos aspects, Google remains committed to making the popular browser even better, and according to several sources, a new set of features is in the making.

Getting even better

One source details the upcoming introduction of a Read Later feature on the desktop versions of Chrome (Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS). The new feature would allow users to save entire internet pages with a single click so they can come and read them at a later point even if they don’t have access to an internet connection.

Users of Chrome on iOS devices are also in for a treat, as Chrome will receive support for password sharing with a selection of iOS apps.  The feature will improve life for a large number of Chrome users, and it can be activated manually by going to Passwords & Accounts /Autofill Passwords /Chrome.

More efficient and secure

Security has been an important topic among internet users in recent years, especially in the aftermath of several high-profile scandals that involved major companies. Chrome users on Android will have the option to confirm card purchases with their fingerprint, and the feature will come to PCs at a later date.

Last but not least is a feature that was spotted in the Chrome beta and can be activated by enabling this flag: chrome://flags/#tab-groups-collapse. Once the feature is active, users can hide all tabs in a tab group by clicking on the group name. An additional flag will offer the option to freeze the tabs and save resources.

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