China Plans To Become Carbon Neutral By 2050

President Xi Jinping has made a surprising declaration during the United Nations General Assembly event that took place a month ago, promising that China, who is the prime source for greenhouse gas emissions, will become carbon neutral in four decades.

The goal is quite ambitious as it implies a national switch to sources of clean and renewable energy, as well as the ability to neutralize any remaining emissions by eliminating the same amount of carbon. However, only a few details about the strategy were shared at that point.

An ambitious plan

A team comprised of China’s best climate scientists has elaborated on a new study and a plan. The plan suggests that China should reach an emissions peak in the next three years and then do its best to decrease them to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Since the country is hard at work on the next five-year plan, the recommendation has been released at an ideal moment in time. The next five-year plan will play a major role in the economy and industry, and China will also start to submit climate goals under the Paris Agreement.

Influential experts

While Chinese researchers have offered similar plans in the past, the current team enjoys a lot more influence. A top researcher has supervised the project from the start, and many of the contributors are also associated with several government departments as well as the most notable think tanks and institutes.

The study also proves that China is thinking hard about reducing pollution, which is already a major step in the right direction. Many of the changes outlined by the climate experts will rework the energy and economy systems of the country and have the potential to make the country even more competitive in the long run.

More information could be revealed when China submits its declaration in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

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