China Launches the Massive Long March 5 Rocket as Space Race Warms Up

Recently, China launched a Long March 5 rocket from Hainan. The country’s biggest transporter rocket, measuring 5 meters, began its journey from Wenchang Satellites Launch Center at 8.45 pm. It entered into orbit approximately 15 minutes later, according to CCTV.

The rocket was uncrewed, but it carried a communications satellite dubbed Shijan 20. Such a project represents China’s third launch of the Long March 5. A previous variant of the rocket, unfortunately, failed in 2017.

Blaine Curcio, the founder of Orbital Gateway Consulting in Hong Kong, stated: “In the context of the Mars 2020 mission, this rocket is essential – they have no other rocket that can do that mission. While a failure later this month would not 100 percent rule out a Mars 2020 Long March 5 mission, it would make it astronomically less likely.”

China Ignites the New Space Race with the Launch of the Massive Long March 5 Rocket

China’s President Xi Jinping planned some brave projects for space exploration, and the country has surpassed both the Russia and U.S. in terms of its amount of orbital missions. It scored 33 in 2019, before that Long March 5 trial and other 39. Also, there were two failures in 2019.

The first one was in January when China became the first to settle a probe on the far surface of the moon. Projects including the Long March 5 will involve transporting a lunar rover dubbed Chang’e 5 to return te samples fro the moon’s ground. Also, to send a spacecraft to Mars.

India developed, too, some ambitious plans. The country has been extending with the successful launch of its Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft, even if India encountered a failure. Back in September, the Vikram lander collapsed on the moon. China, however, wants to develop more successful missions to rival other space agencies, such as SpaceX or Virgin Galactic.

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