China Announces A Succesful Mars Mission Launch

The Chinese Space Agency has been hard at work in recent years, and a new milestone has been achieved recently as a new mission towards Mars was launched without problems. This is the first mission aimed at Mars since a failed joint initiative with Russia that took place in the past.

According to news outlets, the Tianwen-1 mission involves several spacecraft in the form of a rover, an orbiter, and a lander. They were launched with the help of a Long March 5 rocket from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Hainan Island.

Looking good

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation stated via a post shared on the popular social network WeChat that the launch took place without incidents, and the payload has been positioned into the desired orbit. After seven months of travel through the void, the orbiter will survey the planet from the skies while the lander and rover will explore new areas.

One of the main aims of the mission is to allow researchers to create a high-fidelity map of the geological structure of the Red Planet, including the distribution of soil and water-ice. Surface composition and the environment of the planet are also of interest.

Lofty ambitions

If everything goes according to plan, China will become the second country that has managed to land and use rovers on Mars. The government has encouraged the development of the space industry in recent years, with the president encouraging progress.

Some issues have been encountered in the past. In 2011 China and Russia tied to launch the Yinghuo-1 orbiter and spacecraft, but the launch failed. There were also some problems with the development of the Long March 5 rockets. However, it seems that the situation has improved in recent times as the country has enjoyed a string of successful missions.

NASA will also launch the Perseverance Rover towards Mars at the end of July.

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