mars mission

Chinese Mars Mission Got Its Official Name — Tianwen-1

The modern space race between the US, Russia, and China is a never-ending story. Every time one of them does something, the other two must come up with something that…

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covid-19 lockdown

COVID-19 Lockdown and Isolation Tackled A Potentially Significant Flu Season

Thanks to the lockdown period, a flu season was avoided by the social distancing measures taken by the government in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, a report says. Influenza is…

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Best Daily Diet Nowadays, During The Lockdown

Nutritionists always say we should have a balanced daily diet and take care of the number of calories. But how does a balanced menu for an entire day looks like?…

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Vegetables And Their Endless Health Benefits

No matter the situation – health problems, pandemic, healthy sate – vegetables remain the most important part of nutrition. Our equilibrium depends on them. Vegetables have the power to repair…

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Best Nutrients To Boost Your Immune System

To achieve a robust immune system, you should include in your alimentation proteins, vitamins such as A, C, E, and Zinc. These nutrients are present in most of the food…

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