Experimental Chinese Spacecraft Malfunctioned During Its Return To Earth

An experimental cargo recovery capsule that was included as an additional payload of the Long March 5B rocket has malfunctioned during the return to Earth. An unpiloted prototype of the…

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Russian ASAT Launch Leads to Many Controversies

A recent Russian launched attracted negative reactions from the American Space Force. The Russian military tested a DA-ASAT Nudol Interceptor, which is a direct-ascent anti-satellite mobile system. Such systems have…

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Porsche To Keep Android Auto and Apple CarPlay For Classic Cars

We all know that nowadays, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay don’t really seem like a big deal, but it’s innovative. It’s about car infotainment. Porsche plans to keep the apps…

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Parents Are Less Eco-Friendly, New Research Revealed

New research has demonstrated that becoming parents will influence the way you behave in the society, making you less environmentally friendly than usual, contrary to what was commonly believed. The…

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kim jong un

Is Kim Jong Un Dead or Alive? The Latest Info is Shocking

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, hasn’t been seen in public for several weeks, which obviously led to the idea that he died. He occupied the prestigious…

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