Less Intrusions on Nature Might Lead to Fewer Pandemics in the Future

Less and less deforestation of the tropics, together with a significant limitation of trade and wildlife might, surprisingly, be one of the most cost-effective ways of preventing pandemics from taking…

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Huge Waiting Times for COVID-19 Results

Over 14 days after Aaron Weeks has been tested for the new coronavirus, the results have failed to come in. By now, Weeks, who comes from Brooklyn, New York, asks…

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Obesity, Diabetes Lead to Premature Aging of Blood Vessels

Obesity and diabetes are the primary causes of the aging of the blood vessels in young adults. This is the conclusion of a recent study led by Justin Ryder, an…

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COVID-19 Is Apparently More Infectious in Wastewater than We Believed

COVID-19, which has already infected over 3.9 million individuals all over the globe, has been found to exist in wastewater, but scientists are not sure how high the risks of…

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Blood Thinners Could Be Used In Severe Coronavirus Cases

A new study elaborated by a team of researchers argues that blood thinners could combat the most severe symptoms associated with coronavirus: the formation of blood clots and low levels…

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