Coronavirus Isolation – We Can Cope With The COVID-19 Lockdown

We are all facing a double danger—the coronavirus out there and the isolation inside. We can’t do much to stop the pandemic. We can only stay in the separation of…

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cannabis smokers

Cannabis Smokers Risk Complications If They Get COVID-19

Although there are no studies to confirm the specific contagion with coronavirus, previous studies warn that cannabis smokers are more prone to catch a similar virus. Giving that COVID-19’s final…

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World Health Organization Classifies Coronavirus as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

After refusing to declare coronavirus a global risk a week ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) has shifted its views. During a recent press event, WHO representatives have stated that…

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Jerry Lawler Made Numerous Jokes on Christmas During the Last Episode of WWE

The episode streaming on December 23rd of WWE RAW has made some rounds on the Internet. Now, Jerry Lawler discussed on it, together with the lead announcer Vic Joseph, as…

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NASA Satellite Images Reveal The Massive Australian Fire Destruction

Currently, an amount of around 100 fires have burned an area more massive than Connecticut in New South Wales. New South Wales in Australia is under terror from a heatwave…

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