Rebuilding Yellowstone from flood could take years

Over 150 years since it was first established, Yellowstone is known as the oldest national park in the United States. Known for its gushing geysers, spectacular sceneries, and diverse wildlife,…

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Nations Agitate Over Taliban Evacuation Deadline

Nations Agitate over Taliban Evacuation Deadline

Nations are rushing to evacuate their nationals from Afghanistan in a bid to comply with the Taliban’s August 31 deadline for foreign troops to withdraw. However, there are well-founded fears…

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India Death Toll Rising As Floods And Landslides Refuse To Back Down Due To Heavy Rain

Emergencies services in Maharashtra are enduring their biggest test in post-lockdown India. Rescue teams have struggled to reach a growing number of submerged homes. But, navigating the debris and mounting…

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Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions in the UK

British PM, Boris Johnson, Set to Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions in the UK on July 19

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Monday that England may lift all Covid-19 restrictions on July 19. This will take place if the government’s “four tests” for restriction easing…

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Amazon Expands its Media Empire by Acquiring MGM

Amazon Expands its Media Empire by Acquiring MGM for $8.45bn

Amazon is flourishing in its foray into the entertainment industry, with Oscar-winning movie releases and, now, the acquisition of MGM – one of Hollywood’s most iconic studios. The monumental $8.45bn…

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