Automobile accident about to happen

What you Should Know About Car Accident Responsibility

You probably know your coverage if you crash your car, whether it’s your fault or not, but what if you loan your car to friends or family members? Before you…

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Corruption Uncovered by the National Institutes of Health

54 researchers have either been fired or have resigned because of an ongoing investigation made by the National Institutes of Health into the failure of NIH guarantees to make financial…

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moon mining

Trump Administration Sets Rules for Asteroid and Moon Mining

The administration of US President Donald Trump has announced that a plan to mine for resources on the Moon is in the works. The administration has issued an Executive Order,…

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DARPA Can Spy the US Enemies From The Earth’s Atmosphere

DARPA, the research agency of the Pentagon, declared that their new program, Atmosphere as a Sensor (AtmoSense), detects natural phenomena like earthquakes, hurricanes, and meteor strikes. The military nature of…

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us space force

The US Space Force Will Develop a Surveillance Telescope in Australia

The US Space Force intends to build a space surveillance telescope in Australia. It is designed to monitor and spot satellites and debris for over 22,000 miles above Earth. It…

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