New York City Covid Restrictions

New York City Set to Wind Down All COVID-19 Restrictions for Good Within Next Few Months

Life in New York City could fully return to normal in the next couple of months. Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that he could lift COVID-19 restrictions on businesses…

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Automobile accident about to happen

What you Should Know About Car Accident Responsibility

You probably know your coverage if you crash your car, whether it’s your fault or not, but what if you loan your car to friends or family members? Before you…

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The Origin Of Dogs Could Be Tied To A Lost Wolf Population

A team of researchers has learned uncovered interesting information about the ancestors of modern dogs. The researchers sequenced genomes from 27 dog fossils that have been recovered from Europe and…

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Apple Will Offer New Subscription Bundles From October

Apple has been hard at work on the development of a new set of bundles that will pack several of the premium services offered by the company at a more…

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Google Family Link for Children & Teens Update 1.35.0.Q.315574323 Adds Bonus Screen time Option

In recent years smartphones have become a necessary device as they can perform a large variety of tasks and can be used for many purposes, including educational ones. However, some…

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