CatchUp Aims to Make Calling Popular Again

Facebook has a rich portfolio of apps, as hundreds of millions of people use the dedicated Facebook and Messenger apps as well as WhatsApp and Instagram every day. Despite the popularity of apps that are already on the market, the giant company remains hard at work on the development of new ones that may have what is needed to become the next big hit.

Enter CatchUp

The New Product Experimentation Team (which handles the development of these new apps) has released a new app that is focused on voice chat, offering the option to initiate and perform one-on-one or group voice calls on the fly.

An interesting detail is represented by the fact that the app is fully independent, as there is no need to have a Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram account to use it. Once the app is installed, it will require access to the list of contacts.

Once the access is granted, the app will scan the list and highlight all the contacts that have also downloaded the app. Users will have the option to join ongoing calls made by other contacts or to start a new call with a few taps.

Voice resurgence

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a large number of people to stay at home, limiting their ability to interact with friends and family. According to some reports, voice calls remain a preferred method of communication as the number of calls has increased exponentially from the start of the pandemic. Internet usage rose within the same timeframe, but the growth hasn’t been as strong.

A Ready to Talk feature will allow users to see who is actively using the app so they can make the call without the need to worry that they will disturb the other person.

U.S. residents who wish to test the app can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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